DIY - How to fix a broken candle

If you're anything like me, you hang onto at least a few sentimental things from your childhood. For me, I always loved going into my grandmother's basement and playing with all the cousins whenever everyone got together. For as long as I can remember, she had this old candle hanging from the ceiling. It was actually given to my mom in the early 70's and I've always loved it for it's uniqueness and retro vibe. After my Grandmother passed away, it was one of the items I asked to have.

Fast forward 18 years. We were unpacking in house #2 when I found the candle (and that awesome vintage macrame plant hanger). As I was trying to put the candle away I dropped it (note: try not to handle breakable things while wearing a 9 month old with spider arms) and a few pieces broke off. After toting it around for nearly two decades I couldn't bare the thought it throwing it out, we so decided to try and repair it.

The first thing we did was try and find some cheap candles in a similar color. We went with a cream colored candlesticks to melt and then we wanted to add some melted green wax after the candle had been reassembled. We started with the biggest section that had broken off and slowly added melted wax while holding the piece in place.

We did this piece by piece until all 3 segments had been put back in place. Next we added the melted green wax on top, to try and blend the colors a bit and hide the seams as much as possible.

We cleaned up the excess with a pairing knife and took a hair dryer to the rough edges so we could smooth them over one last time.

And boom! The candle was back together, If we had to do it over again, I would have started with the green candle first. I wasn't expecting the cream color to show up in the seams as much as it did. When we tried to melt some green wax overtop, it didn't seem to take to it. I'm not overly concerned since the cracked side will be facing a back corner, but using the green wax first would have definitely been the way to go. More than anything I'm just excited we were able to repair a candle that's been around for all these years.

Hopefully you find this post helpful when you're trying to repair your own candle. Best of luck!!

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