Creating Children's Name Signs

Ok, confession time. I drive my husband crazy with all my projects around the house, and I usually want them done and up as soon as I have the idea. There are a few things, though, that I kick around for a while because I don't know how exactly to bring to life what I imagined in my head.

This is definitely the case with my son's name sign. I ordered the metal letters when I was still pregnant with him, and JUST finished it now (he's almost two eeek). I just couldn't figure out exactly how I wanted to accomplish it.

I wanted the letters to look like they were hanging freely from the stick, but we were concerned they would move around with the fan on. So we had to find a way to mount the letters on some sort of board, while still keeping the letters as the prominent feature.

The first step was to determine how long to make the supporting board. I wanted about an inch on either side of the letters, so I simply laid them all out and measured how long it needed to be.

Next up was pre-drilling holes into the bottom of each letter. We recommend using a drill bit intended for metal, as we broke a few of ours during this process :/

Helpful tip: When you pre-drill, be careful not to drill right through the board. To prevent this, we simply placed the drill bit up against the board to see the length it needed to be, and wrapped some tape around the bit. Once we started to drill, we just stopped once it came close to where the tape was.

Then we added all the letters to the stained board (we used the Jacobean stain color for ours). Our screws were just a bit too long, so we used a washer underneath to ensure they didn't go through the board.

Here's an image of all the letters mounted on the board:

The last step was prepping the stick to hold the name. This particular stick has been kicking around my parents house for nearly 30 years (courtesy of some family vacation when one of the kids thought we needed a "walking stick"). We were concerned the wood might split, so we pre-drilled these holes as well.

We marked the spots that looked to be most level on the stick, and drilled right through the stick. We used two long screws and molly plugs to mount the stick onto the wall. Once the stick was level on the wall, we simply hung the sign using string, adjusting as we went to make sure the string was taut on each letter.

And that's it! We hope this helps you as you take on your own sign. Good luck!

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