Creating a Unique Feature Wall


I think we have all experienced this when we move into a new home. The wall space, floor space, colors……few things you own seem to look right. In addition, the new open concept floor plans that are popular now - which are beautiful - but often offer much less wall space for your existing pictures and art.

In my previous home (shown here) I had a large collage of different pieces on the wall above the sofa, but in the new open concept house that was not an option. So, in order to display the wall plaques (handmade by a Canadian artist) I had to be creative. In the entry there is a 12 foot ceiling and a very big wall with nothing to go on it that didn’t look too small. I decided to use paint, a very inexpensive option, to help fill that large wall.

Since black on black is trending now, I used a flat black and high gloss black latex paint and framed the whole area with a high gloss black frame. It added a cohesive look to the front entryway, and helped to lend itself to more modern design elements in my new home.

I started by measuring the items to be highlighted. I painted an even checkerboard but one could make the squares any size needed.

Make the entire area approximately ¼” larger on all sides in the flat black, this prevents you from having to touch up paint along the edges. Measure the squares and using a level draw a grid on the flat black.

Tape off every other square making sure to leave the pencil lines exposed so when you paint the gloss black it will hide the pencil marks. I did have to touch up some areas where the pencil showed (using masking tape again along any edge that needs touching up).

When the paint had cured, I made a template to mark the position of the screws, had it up on a square and made a small hole using any awl ( a nail would work). Using a template assures that you will get all the art in the proper place with even spacing all around. To complete the look, I added a simple black frame around the painted squares.

This installation will allow me to add to my art collection (there are many plaques), or leave some squares blank. By adding a simple frame or some paint behind your decor pieces, you help to make the decor look more organized and intentional.

Time to get creative! Tell us, what would you do? Tag us on Instagram @belhaus_home so we can see!

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