Creating a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall in your home can create a great deal of visual interest, but often times it's difficult to create a cohesive look (especially without putting an extra 8,538 holes in your wall!). We've created a simple hack for planning your entire wall before hanging a single picture!

In our daughters room I had a lot of pieces that had sentimental value and I wanted a way to showcase them, rather than just storing them in her closet. One piece was hand drawn chalk art that was given by a close friend while I was expecting Emery, another was a framed invitation from her baby shower, as well as a sign that I built and painted for her. I wanted it to look clean and organized so I opted to frame the entire area with trim that I painted gray.

The first step is laying out the entire space you're trying to fill. We measured our area to be slightly wider than the length of the dresser, and used painter's tape to map out the exact size of the grouping on the floor.

Once we had our size established, we brought in all the elements we intended to hang on the wall. This may take some rearranging, but try to balance different colors, textures and depths so the area looks balanced overall. Don't be afraid to try some unexpected pieces that really pop off the wall!

Once you're happy with how your design looks on the floor, take a picture! Use this as your guide when it comes time to hang everything up.

The next step is crucial in making sure your pieces are spaced properly and you don't have to put any more nails in your wall than you need to. Find pieces of scrap paper (we used cardboard, wrapping paper, whatever we could find) and trace out the different shapes.

Once you've cut out all your shapes, you can start arranging them on your wall. Check the spacing to make sure everything looks balanced. You'll notice we also started by adding small pieces of trim on our wall to frame the pictures. This is more of a personal preference for people who want the gallery to look more focused, but you could certainly leave this step off if you preferred.

Because gift wrapping paper is so thin, you can actually hammer the nail right through the paper onto the wall, and simply pull the paper out from underneath the nail. This way you don't have to worry about your pictures shifting too much by guessing where the paper had been.

Start hanging your pieces one at a time (try placing the larger frames first to give yourself a better feel for the space you've got left)

All done! Remember it takes a bit of practice organizing all the pieces in your frame, but that's part of the fun!

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