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Nadine has spent her entire life dreaming and scheming all things interior design. In 2008 she decided to turn her passion into a career by completing her degree in residential design. She is an active member of the Interior Design Society. Her specialties include space planning, hand drawn elevations, and custom built-in pieces. No matter what your needs, she can find a creative solution!


Taylor took after her Mom and fell into a deep love for interior design. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration, she worked in Advertising for 5 years. She and Nadine initially decided to go into business together as a way for Taylor to spend more time at home with her growing family, while still having a creative outlet in a side business. After several years of hand making home decor and selling in the DFW area, they made the decision to switch fully into Interior Design.


After a few years doing strictly interior design, we're excited to share that we've expanded into exterior design as well!


Questions or comments for us? Drop us a line in the contact form, and thanks for being here with us!

-Nadine Niemczyk & Taylor Bell



Nadine Niemczyk

214 680-2236


Taylor Bell

214 551-9609


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