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Hidalgo Project


The Hidalgo project was a fun opportunity to blend the clients style of midcentury modern with the more traditional style of the home in a cohesive way. We went with a medium brown wood tones as the color that carried itself throughout the open spaces.

The entryway was an ideal location for adding some contrast to the otherwise neutral walls. By adding sconces and an oversized mirror, it gives guests the chance to give themselves one last look over while entering and exiting the home.

In the dining room we were tasked with tying in the existing table/chairs and artwork while keeping the walls neutral. We added a buffet for serving ware storage, and went with a black to draw the eye to the back wall. Swapping out a builder grade chandelier with two dome lights and added accent lighting created a more dramatic effect in the space. We also custom made a 4' long succulent centerpiece to tie in all of the colors in the space.

In the kitchen area, our client loved the existing cow artwork, so we designed around that by adding a multi color rug and some fun accessories. New curtains and chairs made the space inviting, and the perfect spot to sit down and enjoy breakfast. An eclectic gallery on the opposite wall provided an opportunity for family portraits or curated artwork.

The flex room was a space we really had to put to work! This area tripled as a playroom (storage was a must!), a parent hang out spot for watching movies and listening to records, and a temporary office for our client working from home during the pandemic. Since they didn't want a desk to occupy the space fulltime, we designed a fold down desk that stayed concealed in the linen closet while not in use. The homeowners simply folded down the desk, and rolled out their computer monitors before the start of the day. 


Interior Design

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