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Remington Road Exterior Project


The Remington Exterior Project began with the goal of addressing some irrigation issues, and quickly morphed into a full-scale landscape project.

In this project, we acted as both the designers and general contractors. Once the master bedroom sliding door project was underway, the majority of the outdoor tasks began as well. We designed an outdoor kitchen to accommodate the grilling appliances, and met with the mason regularly to manage the job. Once the kitchen was complete we moved onto a stone walkway leading to a new pergola and swing, surrounded by hand picked boulders and trees.

We also added a horizontal slat fence to hide the hot tub, add storage for gardening tools, and provide privacy from the nearby neighbors. The addition of poly-gal on the pergolas created an all season space for our clients, allowing them to utilize their grill in the rain or shine.

The most interesting section of the yard is the splash pad / geysers we had installed for the grandkids and pets. Using astroturf to keep the area from getting too saturated from the water, we added 8 geysers that randomly spray water. The on/off switch is controlled by an app on our clients phone. Certainly a crowd pleaser in the Texas heat!

Lastly, we refreshed the front yard by extending the flower beds and relocating trees to more ideal spots in the yard.


Creating this outdoor space required daily project management. Belhaus designed and secured materials for all stone work that was completed. 

We secured an electrician to add plugs, wire for landscape lighting, and move wires from the sliding door we had installed.

Belhaus hand selected and delivered dozens of full grown trees and shrubs, as well as boulders. We oversaw the ordering and delivery of top soil, mulch, and sod delivery. We hired a bobcat contractor to move dirt throughout the yard, and we worked with an irrigation specialist to resolve the drainage issues and tie the new trees into the existing irrigation. Lastly, we brought in a landscape crew to plant all the new trees and shrubs.

This project was a joy to design and oversee, and we hope it brings them years of enjoyment with their loved ones!


Landscape Design

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